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I Told You So

I recently warned about the dangers of social media, electronic communications and the dangers of their unwise use. A recent court case proves my point.

A school headmaster in Pennsylvania was fired from his position, leading him to file an age discrimination suit. His case against the school settled, and he was due a sizeable settlement check. The settlement agreement included a confidentiality clause – a specific restriction prohibiting disclosure of the settlement.

Unthinkingly, the headmaster shared news of the settlement with his college-aged daughter. She promptly posted a message on Facebook that her father had won a settlement and that the settlement money would pay for her summer vacation in Europe.

The school refused to pay, claiming breach of the confidentiality provisions of the agreement, i.e., the daughter’s Facebook posting. The father brought suit to enforce the settlement.

The school prevailed and the settlement was out the window. Sorry, no prepaid European vacation this year, young lady.

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