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Unfit Parents

I subscribe to a county legal publication that publishes legal information, including new case filings and hearings on pending motions filed in that county that week.

A recent edition contained no less than ten Petitions asking the court in that county to terminate parenting rights of those ten children. TEN in just one week!

That means that ten sets of parents are presumably unable to care for the child that they brought into the world.

Ending one’s rights to parent a child is a legal process wherein parents are deemed to be unfit to parent. Perhaps there is drug or alcohol abuse. Perhaps there is abuse of the child. The social agencies believe that there is at least negligent caregiving if not abusive caregiving present. And the parents either cannot or will not become responsible parents.

Termination of parental rights is a sad necessity for these children. But one can hope that the proceedings gives those children a better chance to have a safe, normal, healthy childhood, raised by caring “new” parents who adopt them.

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