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When to file for divorce - petition for divorce

When to File for Divorce

The timing of a divorce action rests simply on one spouse deciding that his or her marriage is over. Sometimes there is a rush to the courthouse to be the first to file, particularly in situations where one party or the other seeks temporary orders of support or custody of the children while the divorce is pending. There are situations where being the first to file gives one party an advantage over the other.

Once the divorce is filed the processing of the case is largely controlled by the judge-not the parties-unless the parties reach an amicable settlement early on. Otherwise, the judge’s docket of cases dictates when a particular matter can be considered by the court.

Another observation. Parties historically tend to avoid filing for divorce around the winter holidays, trying to “keep the peace” and appear to be one big happy family-at least for appearances. But about the time the Christmas tree comes down, thoughts of filing the divorce can ripen into action.

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